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Life In A Tree has been building a buzz in the Milwaukee music scene ever since they got their start back in 8th grade. Their music features three versatile singers that provide a kaleidoscope of vocals, adding a dimension of authenticity and freshness seldom heard in today’s music. Their latest album "Say Goodbye to the Nighttime Skies" won the award for "Best Independent Release of the Year" at the Radio Milwaukee Music Awards. Their latest single, "Colored Hearts", was a top 5 finalist for “Best Song of the Year” and is on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee's regular rotation. Alt-indie rockers, Life In A Tree, grew up playing on the stages of the world's largest music festival "Summerfest" with 8 appearances before graduating high school. There, they shared the stage with national acts such as Pentatonix, Kaleo, Collective Soul, Tonic, Gavin Degraw and Matt Nathanson. In 2017 they were finalists in the US Bank Tour showcase. "Wisconsin Area Music Industry" (WAMI) nominated them for “Best Alternative Rock Band” and “Best Female Vocalist” in 2016.  This quartet consists of Molly Lutz (vocals/bass/keys), Tyler Miller (guitar/vocals/bass), DJ Underwood (guitar/vocals/bass/keys) and Jimmy Cooper (trumpet/drums). With an EP and an LP under their belt, they released their second full-length album "Say Goodbye to the Nighttime Skies”.  They wanted to produce a themed album based on overcoming the insecurities and struggles of life. "It was written while we were still in high school but anyone that has gone through difficult stages of life can relate with the album's message," says Tyler.  “The actual name of the album is a metaphor for the whole experience,” adds Molly.  “When you are going through difficult times in life or ‘nighttime skies’ it’s about never losing faith in the brighter skies that are to come with a new day. The songs focus on conquering those experiences by ‘saying goodbye’ to the darker times and finding the strength to move forward.” Despite their young age, this band’s trajectory is star-bound…” says Marquette University Radio.


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